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Pre Primary Program

At this tender age we believe in stimulating curiosity and imagination in the Kindergarten students engaging them through creative learning and holistic development.

Our Pre Primary Program is developed for three different age groups:

Pre Nursery – 2.5 plus years

Nursery – 3.5 plus years

Kindergarten – 4.5 plus years


Primary Program

In Primary Program, Britannica prepares the students for the modern concept of education by directing the students to what amuses their mind. And that is how we discover with accuracy- the peculiar bent of the genius of each and every student. The students are not confined to the four walls of the classroom or made to memorize their syllabus. The focus is on learning, and learning for lifetime. At this stage student would be encouraged to ask questions and seek knowledge.


Middle & Secondary Program

At this stage most school students are seen carrying heavy bags and slouching under their weight; not only physical weight but under the weight of the heavy syllabus that just keeps piling on. We are here to change that as we at Britannica International School do not talk about “What to think” instead teach the child “How to think”. The aim is not to fill their minds with vast syllabi, but to amuse their minds with the wonders of education and instill curiosity and develop thirst for knowledge. Children are encouraged to learn through analytical interpretation and practical implications.